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What's the Gifted Product for?
What's the Gifted Product for?

If you're wondering why Givy created a new product called Gifted Product, we've got answers

Updated over a week ago

Did you notice a new product in your Shopify admin? Wondering what it's used for and why you shouldn't delete it?

To enable the smoothest gifting experience, Givy uses some new Shopify functionality which allows us to bundle several products as one gifted product.

When a customer purchases a product as a gift, you'll notice that we use this Gifted Product to build the bundle. To ensure that your gifting experience remains a good one, please don't delete this product!

Will this product appear on my storefront for anybody to buy?

No, you'll notice that this product is not added to any sales channels, which means it will not appear on your online store, or on any other sales channels you currently use.

If you add new sales channels, be sure to exclude the Gifted Product so that it doesn't mistakenly appear to customers.

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