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No gift cards in Shopify admin
No gift cards in Shopify admin

Where are my gift cards? Read this if you can't see any of the gift cards created by Givy in your Shopify admin.

Updated over a week ago

Givy doesn't use Shopify gift card products to help you sell gift cards. We use a standard Shopify product, then create Shopify gift cards on your store when this product is purchased.

In the Shopify admin, you will only see gift cards we've created if you have started configuring a regular gift card product on your store.

Create a Draft Gift Card

First, click on Products > Gift cards, and you'll likely be presented with a default gift cards page.

Click on Add gift card product, enter a title for the gift card, and set the status to Draft.

Save the product, then return to the Gift cards page from your navigation. You will now see any gift cards which have been created by Givy.

*Note: you can ignore the message on this page about your gift card product being hidden 👍

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