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How does product gifting work?
How does product gifting work?

Answers to all your questions, like how shipping costs are handled, what happens if there are multiple gifts, multiple recipients, etc..

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Getting Started

Before we jump into how product gifting works, let's make sure you're all set up to sell products as gifts. Take care of these things before moving on:

  • Configure shipping rates for your store

  • Enable the Givy app embed on the theme you're testing on

Gifting - Buyer's Perspective

Let's assume you're a customer on your store, looking to buy gifts for one or more people. When visiting a product page or gift card page with gifting enabled, you'll see the Send as Gift button.

You can change the text and color of this button in Givy, under Settings > Storefront Assets > Product Page. If it's not working for your theme, click the chat button on this page.

Upon clicking this button, the gifting modal will appear. This will first ask the customer to choose how they'd like to send the gift, and will confirm the product & variant being gifted.

Once they've clicked next, they will be asked for information on the recipient, the date they'd like to send their gift, and an optional message to be included with the gift.

Next, the customer gets to decide if they'd like to add an animated GIF to their message. They can search millions of images from the GIPHY library.

Lastly, the customer can choose to pay for the cost of shipping for this gift. By entering the country and state/province where the gift will likely be delivered, we estimate the cost of shipping and include this in the price of the gifted product.

The customer then adds the product to their cart, and can continue shopping until they're ready to checkout.

Multiple Gifts or Recipients

Givy was built assuming customers may want to send multiple products to the same recipient, or products to multiple recipients.

When creating a new gift, Givy will determine if there are already any recipients, and if so, will make them available for the customer to select.

On the other hand, if they'd like to send a gift to a different recipient, they can simply choose a gifting method and click Next Step.

Gifting - Recipient's Perspective

Once a gift has been purchased, it will be delivered to the recipient in one of three ways:

  • Email - recipient receives an email with a link to open the redemption page

  • Print - the purchaser prints of an email containing a short URL to the redemption page

  • Short URL - the purchaser sends the recipient a link via text, social media, etc.. to the redemption page

Regardless of how the link to the redemption page is shared, the recipient will open a link to a page hosted on your store. It will look something like this:

When the recipient clicks the Claim Gift button, they will be directed to a checkout with the gifted product. The price of the gift will be fully discounted, and any shipping costs will be discounted if the purchaser covered the costs.

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