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Product Gifting Settings
Product Gifting Settings

Everything you need to know about configuring gifted products on your store

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So you're ready to let your customers gift products, but want to make sure everything is configured the way you want? Let's do this.

General Gifting Settings

Let's begin by opening the app, and clicking the Settings page. Under the General tab, you'll see the Allowed Gifting Methods listed. These are the ways you'd like to let customers send gifts from the product page.

  • Email: will send the gift to the recipient via email

  • Print: will send the purchaser an email with a code that they can print

  • Unique Link: will send the purchaser an email with a short URL that can be shared

Next, you'll see a heading for Advanced Messaging Options. This determines what customers can add to their gifting messages.

  • Show custom message area: let customers add a personal message to the gift

  • Allow delayed sending: let customers choose when to send the gift email

  • Enable Gif images: let customers add an animated GIF to their messages

  • Enable video messages: let customers record a personal video message

Product Gifting

Next, click the Product Gifting tab on the Settings page. To enable product gifting, make sure it's listed as being on. If it is not enabled, click the Enable button.

Now we can decide which products can be gifted. By default, all products are enabled for gifting:

If you'd like to limit the products which can gifted, create your conditions by adding AND and OR statements. Givy will evaluate all OR statements first, then check the AND statements.

Lastly, decide whether customers should pay any potential shipping costs for their gifts. This allows you to either make the recipient pay for any shipping costs, let the customer pay for estimated shipping costs, or simply charge a flat rate for each gifted product.

Note that if Location based shipping is enabled, the customer will select the location where they believe the gift will be shipped, and will be charged for the cheapest shipping option. The recipient will then enter their actual shipping address, and may need to pay for the difference, or can upgrade their shipping if they'd like to receive the gift more quickly.

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