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Find a Shopify product variant ID
Find a Shopify product variant ID

If you're creating custom gifting buttons or using a page builder, you'll need to find the product ID for the product you want to gift.

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If you need to launch the Givy gifting modal manually, this will help you find the variant ID required to do so.

Open the Product in Shopify Admin

First, open your Shopify admin, go to the Products page, and open the product you're looking for.

In the Variants section, find the one you'd like to offer as a gift. No variants? Click here.

Check URL for Variant ID

Now that your variant is selected, check the address bar URL. It should end with /variants/1234567890 - copy the number in the address bar, and use this in the JavaScript you use to load the modal.

No Variants?

If your product doesn't have any variants, Shopify doesn't make it terribly easy to find the variant ID. Open the product you want to give, and click into the address bar. Add /variants.json to the end of the URL, and click Enter.

You will now see a list of all variants for this product. Since you don't have any variants, we'll copy the first ID, which is assigned to the Default Title variant that every product begins with. Use this ID in the JavaScript you need to launch the gifting modal.


If this isn't your kind of thing, just chat with our team and we'll be happy to help.

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