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Add Link to Gift Card in Navigation
Add Link to Gift Card in Navigation

Make it easy for customers to find your gift card product by adding it to your main navigation bar - it's so easy to do!

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So you have Givy installed and configured just the way you like, but nobody is buying gift cards yet - how come?

Well, have you made it easy for customers to find your gift card product? Let's walk through how to do this in a way that will work for most themes.

Step 1 - Open the Navigation Page

In the Sales channels section, open Online Store, then click on the Navigation link.

Step 2 - Select Menu

Now, choose the menu where you'd like to add the new link. Your theme may be different, but most themes will use Main menu as the default top-level menu. If you'd prefer adding it to the bottom of your store, Footer menu may be the one you're lookin for.

Step 3 - Add Menu Item

Now, let's add a new menu item by selecting the Add menu item link.

Step 4 - Add Title & Select Product

In the section that opens on the right of your page, add a name to the new menu item. If you've enabled gifting options, we suggest something like Send Gift Card. Next search for the name of your gift card product and select it. In our example, the gift card product is called Gift Card.

Finally, click the Add button to add the item.

Step 5 - Order Menu Items

This is optional, but you may want to drag and drop your new menu item to appear in a different order on your navigation.

Regardless, don't forget to Save the menu.

Step 6 - Enjoy!

Wasn't that easy? Enjoy your new navigation item, and watch those gift card sales pour in.

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