General Givy Settings

Some basic configurations you should check before fully launching Givy

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It's worth taking a few minutes to configure your new Givy app before customers start purchasing gifts and gift cards. Here's a breakdown of the general settings page:

Allowed Gifting Methods

If you have enabled gifting on your storefront (Make sure the App Embed is enabled!), then this setting determines how customers should be allowed to send a gift.

  • Email: this will allow customers to send their gifts via email. This means Givy will send an email to the recipient to claim their gift, and optionally to the sender who can receive notifications. Check out Email Settings for more information.

  • Print: this means the customer will be sent an email with a printable gift card, which can then be given to the recipient in person, or can be sent electronically.

  • Unique Link: this will send the customer an email with a unique short link where the recipient can get their gift card code, or receive their physical gift.

Advanced Messaging

Gift Card Expiration

If your store is in a country or region which allows gift cards or gifts to expire, you can set this up as a default setting here. Simply choose the number of days, and Givy will automatically set new gift cards and gifts to expire after that number of days.

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