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Customize the Check Balance Page
Customize the Check Balance Page

Update this page to more closely match your brand style and colors

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Givy provides a page where customers can check the current balance of their gift cards. This page will only work with cards which were issued by the Givy app.

The check balance page is provided as a proxy page on your existing Shopify store. To learn how to add a link to this page to your store's navigation, check out this article.

The default page will have a format similar to this one:

To customize the colors and style of this page, open the app, and select Storefront Assets from the left navigation bar. Next, choose Balance Page to see relevant styling and language settings.

This page lets you change the background color of the page, and to update the text displayed on the page in any language you make available.

To change other styles, such as the button and text, click on the General tab. Here, you'll see common styles which will impact all Givy assets, such as the gifting modal and redemption page.

Note that Givy tries hard to automatically match our pages and modals to your existing theme.

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