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Add Link to Check Balance Page
Add Link to Check Balance Page

This will show you how to quickly add a link to the "Check Balance" page on your online store

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When recipients are sent gift cards, they may choose not to spend all of it at once. This often leads them to forget how much is left on their card.

Eliminate this by adding a Check Balance page on your online store. It's embedded in your current theme, and makes it easy for customers to see what they have left to spend.

What's the URL?

If you know what you're doing and just want to add a link somewhere, here's the URL:


To make things easier, you can simply link to:


Where Can I Add It?

There are several ways to include a link on your online store. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Add Navigation Bar Link: This is the easiest and most common. If you have room in your navigation, or sub-navigation, it's a great way to make sure customers can find your page

  • Add Button / Link: You can edit one of you store's page templates in the theme customizer, then add a link anywhere you'd like.

  • Include in Emails: You may want to add a link to the check balance page in the emails Givy send

Can I Update the Page Styling?

Absolutely! We discuss this in more details in the article Customize the Check Balance Page.

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