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Updating DNS for Custom Email Domain
Updating DNS for Custom Email Domain

If you'd like to send emails from your own domain, here are some instructions on updating your domain's DNS settings.

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IMPORTANT: You need access to DNS records for your domain to setup a custom email domain

First off, if you're struggling with this step, our team may be able to help. You'll need access to your domain's registrar (where you purchased the domain) before reaching out. You can initiate a chat, and we'll try to complete the setup with you over a video call.

Initiating a Custom Domain

To start sending emails with your own domain, you'll want to open Givy, select Emails from the left navigation bar, then click the Sender Config button in the top-right corner.

On the Sender Configuration page, make sure your From name is correct. Most merchants use the name of their store here.

Next. choose to Send from custom address. You should already have an active email address you would like to use. If your email address is [email protected] then enter support as the Username, and as the Domain.

Click Save to initiate the DNS validation process.

This will create values for the DNS records you need to create. We have instructions in this article for some common registrars.

We recommend copying the name and value combinations to a notepad on your computer for easy access.

Creating DNS Records

There are hundreds of registrars that sell domains, and we won't be able to cover all of them here. These are the most popular providers, but you can follow similar steps for any registrar.


Instructions coming soon!


Instructions coming soon!


Instructions coming soon!


Instructions coming soon!

Network Solutions

Instructions coming soon!


Instructions coming soon!

Public Domain Registry

Instructions coming soon!


Instructions coming soon!

Digital Ocean

Instructions coming soon!

** Don't add to HOSTNAME

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